As a non-profit organization, SEEK Education proudly invest our resources in providing the most effective, evidence-based, ABA intervention with compassion and commitment. Our goal is to provide individualized and effective services that address the needs of an individual at the specific stage of his or her life. Each stage of a person’s development presents a different challenge: from infancy, childhood, teen years, and to adulthood. Over the years, we have designed and implemented a comprehensive body of services for our learners.

ABA Based Service

Center-Based Service

Vocational Service

Infant Toddler Dev. Intervention: Early Acceleration Program

Infant Toddler Development Intervention – Early Acceleration Program

infant_toddler_dev_imgInfant Toddler Development Intervention is a relationship-based program specifically designed for infants and toddlers from birth to 36 months who are either diagnosed with, or have established risk of developmental delay. SEEK Education strongly believes in the importance of early intervention. While utilizing our experience and knowledge in ABA-based interventions, we have created a team of specialists that include a speech therapist and occupational therapist, a pediatric psychiatrist and early intervention specialists, in order to serve the unique needs of infants and toddlers.

The goal of this program is to increase the child’s skills to prepare him/her for future school based services and improve parenting skills. In this program, a variety of essential developmental areas including cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, adaptive, and physical development as well as common issues related to feeding, sleeping, toileting and behavior management are targeted through intensive parent training and direct intervention with children in their natural environment. Based on identified needs for each child and family, our early intervention specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience in both child development and applied behavior analysis create individualized curriculums and lessons while closely collaborating with parents, other professionals and the funding agency.


Intensive Behavioral Treatment/Discrete Trials Training (DTT)

dtt_imgOur Intensive Behavioral Treatment/Discrete Trial Training (DTT) service is an ABA based program for the learners from age 2 to 22. SEEK Education addresses three areas within our Intensive Behavioral Treatment/DTT service: 1) Teaching functional skills, 2) Reducing challenging behaviors, and 3) Parent training. At SEEK Education, we create customized learning program for each individual based on the results of our thorough behavioral assessment as well as close collaboration with the parents/family members, other professionals and funding sources. All of the skills we teach are selected from each learner’s daily routine in order to foster maintenance and generalization of acquired skills. We strongly believe that teaching must be positive experience for our learners and their families, and we maintain the most effective and current teaching strategies in the field to achieve this goal.

DTT is one of many evidence-based teaching methodologies under the Applied Behavior Analysis. In this method, tasks are broken into small steps and targeted intensively both in the structured and natural environment. All skills acquired within the intensive teaching will be gradually combined together and systematically programmed for generalization so that the students will be able to use the skills in their daily, functional settings. SEEK Education takes special care in designing each one of our DTT program and the effective learning conditions for the individual.

Our defining goal is for the individual to ultimately learn skills from their natural environments and to reach his or her full potential. We seek to accomplish this by targeting fundamental learner’s skills such as functional communication guided by B.F. Skinner’s analysis of language (Verbal Behavior), joint attention, observational skills, imitation, following instructions, and social skills.


Behavior Intervention Service (BIS)

BIS_imgAt its core, SEEK Education’s Behavior Intervention Service (BIS) is guided by the trainer-to-trainer approach in which we train and support primary caretaker/family members to reduce moderately intense problem behaviors of individuals with special needs. We meet this challenge by focusing on teaching alternative behaviors, implementing preventative strategies, and locating better outcomes for the behavior of interest. This program directly benefits the primary caretaker/family members by structuring regularly scheduled sessions to provide hands-on training, feedback, and program evaluation.

Under the supervised support of our Behavior Specialists, primary caretakers/family members can expect to identify the potential source/cause behind the challenging behaviors, and implement effective strategies to reduce them. Our supportive and professional staff takes careful considerations to ensure that all stakeholders develop the necessary skills to become trainers – one step at a time.

SEEK Education understands the challenges of reducing problem behaviors and that progress is demonstrated one opportunity at a time. We also believe that the primary caretakers and family are the most integral and invested members that influences the program’s outcome and we seek to be a supportive and resourceful partner in this endeavor.

Adaptive Skill Training

Adaptive Precision Training (APT) is a service for individuals ages 6 and up with deficits in functional skills. SEEK Education takes pride in the quality of our APT services which are ABA based and personalized for every individual. This program trains the individual that addresses the necessary skills to promote greater independence and a higher quality of life. Another core element of our service is our parent/primary caretaker training as to maximize every learning opportunity and promote generalization of skills. The targeted areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily Living Skills
  • Feeding
  • Toileting
  • Communication
  • Self- Management skills
  • Social Skill
  • Social-Emotional Training
  • Puberty and Adulthood Development
  • Stress Reduction
  • Accessing and/or Participating in the Community
  • Health & Safety Skills

Supported Employment

Supported/Customized Employment

supported_employment_imgSEEK Education is deeply committed to the fulfilling careers of the individuals and the productive outcomes of the businesses. Our Supported Employment Program is a person-centered program with the goal for individuals ages 18 and above to achieve meaningful competitive work in integrated work settings. This training program includes Interest/Vocational Assessment, Discovery, Job Analysis, Job Development, Assessment of Supports, Functional Behavioral Assessment (as needed), development of job portfolio, training of the consumer, and collaboration with employers/co-workers from whom the consumer will solicit support within his/her vocational community. Our unique program also includes elements of Customized Employment, which we have worked closely with the Regional Center to develop. The result is a competitive advantage for the job seeker as well as the invested employer.

Our team of specialists, including Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Vocational Specialists, and Job Coaches create and implement an individualized, comprehensive, and effective Supported Employment program. SEEK Education will also have Community Resource Specialists (CRS) who are well connected with regional businesses to match the ideal vocational site to the job seeker. We understand employment program often involves many departments and stakeholders. Therefore, SEEK Education’s Supportive Employment Program works closely with the Regional Center, Department of Rehabilitation, and the individual to ensure a smooth working process for all parties. Our Supported Employment Program serves as the bridge for a skilled workforce with the business community.

Job Coaching Service (Age 18+): A Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and/or Regional Center funded program that provides competitively employed DOR consumers with intensive assistance and support in employment-related activities to promote job adjustment and retention.


Extended Day Care – SEEK CARE | We are currently NOT accepting any applications at this time. Please contact us if you have any questions.


SEEK Care is an unique on-site, afterschool care program that is fully licensed in accordance to the California’s Community Care Licensing (CCLD) and Regional Center requirements. SEEK Care services children with special needs ages 4 to 13. We provide a safe environment that fosters skill development in the following areas of: self-help, community integration, safety awareness, play skills and socialization skills. The SEEK CARE program utilizes the principles and practices of applied behavior analysis (ABA) under the guidance of our qualified staff of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), site directors, and teachers. We seek to go beyond the expectations of providing childcare by investing our students in training programs that advance their functional skills and address their needs.

SEEK Care sites are conveniently located in the cities of Hacienda Heights and El Monte, California with operating hours from 12 to 6 pm from Monday through Friday. All of our facilities include multiple enriched learning environments and playground. Our students enjoy a variety of engaging activities such as sports activities, arts and craft and other learning programs. SEEK Care sites are ideally located to nearby swimming pools and parks where our students participate in. We also work with the school districts to arrange for the afterschool transportations to the site. Our program is to ensure the peace of mind and convenience for the parents/guardians while providing a nurturing environment for students.

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills Training (ILS)

SEEK Education’s Independent Living Skills Training (ILS) is a person-centered goal driven program to empower consumers to make and act upon their own choices. It is designed to serve consumers age 18 and up developing skill leading to greater independence in the community. This evidence-based programs provides the consumer with a team that works collaboratively with all its member and monitors the consumer’s progress on a consistent basis. SEEK Education’s ILS program includes assessment, skill training in the area of self-determination, self-advocacy, household management, navigation/ mobility, money management, self-management, problem solving skill, self-care, food management, health and safety, interpersonal skill, and skills to access to community resources for the consumer under the guidance of the Independent Living Skill Trainer (ILST)

SEEK’s ILS program will be provided in the environment that produce the greatest positive outcome for the consumer. Typically, this service will be provided in the consumer’s home and community environments. In addition, this service will be used to assist participant engaging in meaningful activitites, insuch as attending classes in adult school, college, and/or university. However, generic resources will be tapped/utilized prior to requesting regional center funding. Generic resources include “Disability Student Services.” Additionally, ILS will be not used for personal assistance service to be a “companion” in the classroom, to take notes for the consumer, or to do homework for the consumer.”